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Please note: Web badge images and text may not be altered in any way. For more information on Angie's List web badges and other approved ways to promote your inclusion on Angie's List, please review the Angie's List Brand Guidelines.

Step 1: Select your location, service category and badge size

Step 2: Select the image or text version you want to display on your website.

Check our Angie's List member reviews on Plumbers in Indianapolis

Step 3: Copy the HTML code below and paste onto your company's website.

If you're not familiar with how to do this, please contact your webmaster. It's a very simple update that just takes a couple minutes.


Why don't I see my city or industry listed?
The list currently includes our top 120 cities and all of our categories. If you still don't see your choice listed, leave first pulldown menu as "LOCATION" and second as "SERVICE CATEGORY" and you'll still get a great looking badge!

Where does the badge link to?
Each badge has a few different links.  One goes to a page that lists our top cities.  Another lists the categories.  The third link goes to a page with related content for the location and category you selected.

How do I add the web badge to my website?
Once you select the location, category, size and image you like, you’ll see a customized HTML code appear in the box above. Copy this link code and paste it into the source code of your website. Because every website is different, we can't get more specific than that, but a web developer familiar with your site can make this update in just a few minutes.

Wait, I still have more questions!
Please contact Brand if you have additional questions about Angie's List Web Badges.
Web Badge Preview
Web badge images and text may not be altered in any way. By placing a web badge on your company website, you agree to follow the policies outlined in the Angie's List Brand Guidelines

Please contact Brand if you have any questions about Angie's List Web Badges.